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Calculate the derivative of the function. hint [see example 1.] f(x) = 7x + x2

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Frank has $66.50 in his account on sunday. over the next week, he makes the following changes to his balance via deposits and purchases: day debit ($) credit ($) monday 60.33 80.75 tuesday 54.45 wednesday 49.20 15.00 thursday 35.40 friday 16.85 75.00 saturday 80.56 on what day does frank first get charged an overdraft fee? a. wednesday b. thursday c. friday d. saturday select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d
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Solve 2x2 + 8 = 0 by graphing the related function. there are two solutions: . there are no real number solutions. there are two solutions: 2 and -2
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You have a square piece of cardboard that measures 14 inches on each side. to build a box, you cut congruent squares out of each corner of the cardboard. use the picture to find the area of the cardboard you were used to build the box
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Simplify. 4+3/7x-2-2/7x a. 2-5/7x b. 6-1/7x c. 2+1/7x d. 6+5/7x
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Calculate the derivative of the function. hint [see example 1.] f(x) = 7x + x2...

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