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An item was $75 and it was marked down by 25% what would you pay for this item?

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The physical fitness of an athlete is often measured by how much oxygen the athlete takes in (which is recorded in milliliters per kilogram, ml/kg). the mean maximum oxygen uptake for elite athletes has been found to be 60 with a standard deviation of 7.2. assume that the distribution is approximately normal.
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Browning labs is testing a new growth inhibitor for a certain type of bacteria. the bacteria naturally grows exponentially each hour at a rate of 6.2%. the researchers know that the inhibitor will make the growth rate of the bacteria less than or equal to its natural growth rate. the sample currently contains 100 bacteria. the container holding the sample can hold only 300 bacteria, after which the sample will no longer grow. however, the researchers are increasing the size of the container at a constant rate allowing the container to hold 100 more bacteria each hour. they would like to determine the possible number of bacteria in the container over time. create a system of inequalities to model the situation above, and use it to determine how many of the solutions are viable.
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Adj has a total of 1075 dance and rock songs on her system. the dance selection is 4 times the size of the rock selection. write a system of equations to represent the situation.
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Which of the following is the result of expanding the series
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An item was $75 and it was marked down by 25% what would you pay for this item?...

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