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Find the number of real number solutions for the equation. x2 − 15 = 0 0 1 2

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Atriangle has side lengths of 15 inches and 30 inches. italsohasanglesthatmeasure45◦ and20◦. which of the following identifies the possible third side length and third angle of the triangle?
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Suppose sat writing scores are normally distributed with a mean of 497 and a standard deviation of 109. a university plans to award scholarships to students whose scores are in the top 2%. what is the minimum score required for the scholarship? round your answer to the nearest whole number, if necessary.
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Christina can paint 420 square feet in 105 minutes. which unit rate describes the scenario?
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7. the area of the playing surface at the olympic stadium in beijing isof a hectare. what area will it occupy on a plan drawn to a scaleof 1: 500? ​
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Find the number of real number solutions for the equation. x2 − 15 = 0 0 1 2...

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