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Pythagorean theorem calc: find c, a=12.96148, b=11

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Aiden drives to school and back each day. the school is 16 miles from his home. he averages 40 miles per hour on his way to school. if his trip takes 1 hour, at approximately what speed does aiden drive home?
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Which of the following is true for the relation f(x)=2x^2+1
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Suppose that as a part of a game at a charity carnival players are invited to spin a wheel fora chance at winning either a small medium of large prize. the wheel is constructed so that the probability that a player wins a small prize is .45. if a random sample of 40 players is selected, then p is the proportion of players in the sample who win a small prize. draw the normal curve for the sampling distribution of p.
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Someone me! if you’re smart you can solve this!
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Pythagorean theorem calc: find c, a=12.96148, b=11...

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