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Aregulation basketball has a 35 cm diameter and may be approximated as a thin spherical shell how long will it take a basketball starting from rest to roll without slipping 1.5m down an incline that makes an angle of 57.5° degrees with the horizontal? acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2

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Amass of 2.4 kg of air 170 kpa and 25 degree c is contained in a gas-tight, frictionless piston-cylinder device. the air now compressed to a final pressure of 610 kpa. during the process, heat is transferred from the air such that the temperature inside the cylinder remains constant. calculate the work input w= kj. during this process.
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While investigating the scene of a crime which of the following do you know as an example of an indicative acta determining that a body was moved afterdef to another location what the hell is based on the trail of blood from the victim's body b determining the that the person had taken a shower right before they died c noting that the body was that of the of a 48 year old male d noting that the victim knew several individuals who had cause to act in a vindictive manner due to recent family tension
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On a mild saturday morning while people are working​ inside, the furnace keeps the temperature inside the building at 23 degree c. at noon the furnace is turned​ off, and the people go home. the temperature outside is a constant 15 degree c for the rest of the afternoon. if the time constant for the building is 4 ​hr, when will the temperature inside the building reach 18 degree ​c?
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Since the energy was not raising the temperature of the water during these segments, what was the energy used to do instead? your answer must include an explanation of what is happening to the molecules.
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Aregulation basketball has a 35 cm diameter and may be approximated as a thin spherical shell how lo...

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