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If the wheels lock when braking suddenly the vehicle: a: loses traction b: lose steering wheel ability c: gain speed slightly d: gain steering ability

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As a member of a team of storm physicists, you are attempting to replicate lightning by charging two long cables stretched over a canyon, as shown. one cable will attain a highly positive (and uniform) charge density of î» and the other will attain the same amount of charge density, but opposite in sign (i. e., –î»). since the appearance of lightning directly depends on the electric field strength created by charge separation, it is important to derive an expression for electric field strength at all points between the two cables (albeit near the midpoint of the wires). the cables are sufficiently long as to be considered (for all practical purposes) infinitely long. calculate the magnitude of the electric field strength between the two cables as a function of î» (the linear charge density) and r (the distance from the positively charged cable). use îµ0 as the permitivity of free space and assume the wires are separated by a distance d.
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What is the average speed of a car that travels 40mph for 1 hour and 60 mph in another hour will mark brainliest
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Afly lands on one wall of a room. the lower-left corner of the wall is selected as the origin of a two-dimensional cartesian coordinate system. the fly is located at the point having coordinates (1.95, 0.90) m. (a) how far is it from the origin? (b) what is its location in polar coordinates?
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Ax = + 7.6 bx = ? 3.8 ay = -9.2 by = +4.6 which equation describes the relationship between the two vectors?
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If the wheels lock when braking suddenly the vehicle: a: loses traction b: lose steering wheel abil...

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