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Date chapter motion and speed review part a. vocabulary review directions: write the terms that match each description below in thes complete the sentence in number 13. ich each description below in the spaces provided. the boxed letters will 1. equal forces acting in opposite directions (2 words) 2. occurs when an object's velocity decreases (2 words) 3. sum of all forces acting on an object (2 words) 4. total distance divided by total time (2 words) 5. name for the slant of a line on a graph 6. distance divided by time 7. a push or a pull exerted on a body or object 8. distance and direction of an object from its starting point 9. tendency to resist change in motion 10. measure of how far an object has moved 11. speed and direction of motion 12. rate of change of position at a specific point in time (2 words) 13. the rate of change in velocity is called motion and spe

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Achange of form is also called a__ change. nuclear, chemical, atomic, physical
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The pressure proportional to the area a- inversely b- directly c- increase d-decrease
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In an old-fashioned amusement park ride, passengers stand inside a 3.0-m-tall, 5.0-m-diameter hollow steel cylinder with their backs against the wall. the cylinder begins to rotate about a vertical axis. then the floor on which the passengers are standing suddenly drops away! if all goes well, the passengers will “stick” to the wall and not slide. clothing has a static coefficient of friction against steel in the range 0.60 to 1.0 and a kinetic coefficient in the range 0.40 to 0.70. part a what is the minimum rotational frequency, in rpm, for which the ride is safe? express your answer using two significant figures. f f = rpm
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Date chapter motion and speed review part a. vocabulary review directions: write the terms that mat...

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