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Then h and k are subspaces of set of real numbers r cubed. in​ fact, h and k are planes in set of real numbers r cubed through the​ origin, and they intersect in a line through 0. find a nonzero vector w that generates that line.

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When n = 4, l = 2 and ml = -1 , to what orbital level does this refer?
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The temperature of your skin is approximately 36 degree c : a) assuming that your skin is a black body what is the peak wavelength of the radiation it emits? b) assuming a total surface area of 2m^2,what is a total power emitted by your skin?
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Water at room temperature of 20.0°c is poured into an aluminum cylinder which has graduation markings etched on the inside. the reading in the graduations is 300.0 cc. the cylinder with the water in it is then immersed in a constant temperature bath at a temperature of 100°c. what is the reading for the level of water on the graduations of the cylinder after the water and the cylinder reach thermal equilibrium with the bath? the volume coefficient of expansion of water is 2.07 x 10^-4 k-1, and the linear coefficient of expansion of aluminum is 23.0 x 10^-6 k-1. a) 305.0 cc b) 304.0 cc c) 303.5 cc d) 303.3 cc e) 304.5 cc
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Suppose an objects initial velocity is 10m/s and it’s final velocity is 4 m/s. mass is constant. what can best be concluded about the object based in the work-energy theorem
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Then h and k are subspaces of set of real numbers r cubed. in​ fact, h and k are planes in set of re...

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