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What is action force defined as?

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An incident ray through the focal point of a spherical mirror will: reflect through the center of curvature. reflect back through the focal point. reflect parallel to the principle axis. reflect the same direction as the incident ray.
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Atwo-stage air compressor operates at steady state, compression 10m^3/min of air from 100 kpa and 300k to 1200 kpa. an intercooler between the two stages cools the air to 300k at a constant pressure of 350 kpa. the compression processes are isentropic. a) calculate the power required to run the compressor, in kw b) compare the result to the power required for isentropic compression from the same inlet state to the same final pressure.
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If a substance is in the gas phase, which of qualities of the gas will stay constant? a: volume b: mass c: shape d: position of particles
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Agroup of students is studying convection currents. they fill two identical balloons with the same amount of helium. one balloon is placed in a freezer and the other in an area with warm air. after 10 minutes, the balloons are released from a height of 1 meter. which of the following do the students most likely observe? question 2 options: the balloons rise at the same rate. both balloons are the same size. the ballons both rise. the cold ballon is larger than the warm balloon. the cold balloon expands and rises. the warm balloon shrinks and sinks. the warm balloon expands and rises. the cold balloon shrinks and sinks.
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