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A force is applied to the handle 3.5 in from the screw center-line. The diameter of the handle is 0.375 in and the handle is made of 1018 cold drawn steel. The screw is a square-threaded power screw with an outside diameter of 0.75 in and 5 threads per inch.

(a) What force applied to the handle would cause the handle to yield?

(b) What clamping force would this same handle force create? You may assume
a thread friction coecient of 0.10 and a collar friction coecient of 0.08
with a mean collar diameter of 0.80 in.

(c) Compute the shear stress due to torque, axial stress due to load, and bending
stress at thread root on a section of the screw between the clamped member
and the upper portion of the \C." See text, p. 411

(d) Combine the previous three stresses as a von Mises stress and nd a factor of safety against yielding for the screw.

(e) Is this gadget self-locking? Would you want it to be?

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Iso need with this one really lost on it me on this
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A force is applied to the handle 3.5 in from the screw center-line. The diameter of the handle is 0....

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