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A 5 [cm] del centro de una espira circular de 2 [cm] de radio se genera un campo magnético de 2 [µT] cuando circulan a través de él 4.85x10²¹ electrones. Calcular: a) La intensidad de corriente que circula por el conductor. b) El tiempo que permanece en funcionamiento la espira.

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Initially, scientists described atoms as the smallest particles of matter. however, smaller particles within atoms were discovered. how did the scientific world respond to this new information? by ignoring the new information because it went against a scientific law by discarding the old theory about atoms and making a new one by revising the theory that explained atoms to include this new information by designing new technology that would prove the new information was wrong
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Air initially at 0.75 bar, 1000 k, and occupying a volume of 0.12 m^3 undergoes two processes. process 1-2: the air is compressed isothermally until the volume is halved. process 2-3: the air undergoes a constant pressure process until the volume is halved again. assume ideal gas behavior. a) determine the mass of the air, in kg. b) the work and the heat transfer for each of the two processes, in kj. (100 kj = 1 bar . m^3)
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A 5 [cm] del centro de una espira circular de 2 [cm] de radio se genera un campo magnético de 2 [µT]...

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