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The solar system is estimated to be how old

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Amuseum is creating an exhibit about solar systems which is type of exhibit would best explain what solar system are? a: put a solar system on a poster in the exhibit b: use a life size drawing of a solar system c: display a three dimensional model of a solar system d: set up a telescope so that visitors can view space
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Solar system question the current model of our solar system is called the heliocentric model, which means the sun is at the center. before scientist developed the current method, which is best supported by the evidence, what was believed to be the center of our solar system? a the solar system had no sensor because all planets orbit were random b. star other than the sun was the center of the solar system c. a black hole was the center of the solar system d. earth was the center of the solar system
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Which of these statements best explains why models are used to study the solar system? the solar system may be viewed differently using different instruments. the solar system may be visible on earth only for a short period of time. the solar system is too large and distant to be viewed by everyone. the solar system is an imaginary area in space which does not actually exist.
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2nine planets and their moons are in our solar system. the sun gives light to our solar system. comets and asteroids are part of the solar system. there are many members of the solar system. what is the main idea
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The solar system is estimated to be how old...

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