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Why do comet tails point away from the sun?

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Alightning strike consists of charge moving from a cloud to the ground . in one particular case, the electrons in a lightning strike are confined to travel within a radius of 1.5 m and to move at a speed of 5.0 x 10 m/s. if the density of electrons in the strike is 10'15 electrons/m what current is carried by the lightning ?
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What produces light and all other electromagnetic waves? a) the photoelectric phenomena b) heated metals c) charged particles d) radioactive samples (pls explain if you can : )
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Figure 9 on page 362 shows various motions of balls. the curved path followed by the yellow ball in b in picture b is result of a) inertia b) centripetal motion c) gravity and horizontal velocity d) linear motion
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If a refrigerator is a heat pump that follows the first law of thermodynamics, how much heat was removed from food inside of the refrigerator if it released 380j of energy to the room?
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Why do comet tails point away from the sun?...

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