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You push a table 8 meters for 16 minuutes and do 6720 j of work how much power do ypu use

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If vx = 7.00 units and vy = -7.60 units, determine the magnitude of v⃗ . determine the direction of v⃗ .
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Three different objects, all with different masses, are initially at rest at the bottom of a set of steps. each step is of uniform height . the mass of each object is a multiple of the base mass : object 1 has mass 4..00m , object 2 has mass 1..96m , and object 3 has mass . when the objects are at the bottom of the steps, define the total gravitational potential energy of the three-object system to be zero. if the objects are then relocated as shown, what is the new total potential energy of the system? each answer requires the numerical coefficient to an algebraic expression. each algebraic expression is given using some combination of the variables , , and , where is the acceleration due to gravity. enter only the numerical coefficient. (example: if the answer is 1..23mgd , just enter 1.23)
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10 newton object is placed 3 meters from the fulcrum. at what distance on the other side would you need to place a 15 newton object to balance the lever? show your work!
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Gather reliable information to brent make his decision. to gather this information, use newspapers, call insurance companies or look at their web sites, and review consumer magazines and web sites. also, look at the manufacturer web site or for information about gas mileage. list the sources you use and take notes.
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You push a table 8 meters for 16 minuutes and do 6720 j of work how much power do ypu use...

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