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480 kilograms horse runs across the field at a rate of 40 km/hr what is the magnitude of the force

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The a992 steel rod bc has a diameter of 50 mm and is used as a strut to support the beam. determine the maximum intensity w of the uniform distributed load that can be applied to the beam without risk of causing the strut to buckle. take f. s. = 2 against bucklin
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Choose the most likely outcome of this scenario: jen decided to go bike riding without a helmet. while no one is around during her ride, she is thrown from her bike when her wheel goes into a pothole. she is not injured, but she is terrified to get back on her bike. what happens next? a. her physical health is affected even though she wasn't hurt. b. her mental and emotional health are affected because she is afraid to get back on her bike. c. her social health is affected because she is worried her friends saw the fall. d. her overall health is not affected at all by her fall.
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Tall pacific coast redwood trees can reach heights of about 100 m. if air drag is negligibly small, how fast is a sequola cone moving when it reaches the ground f it dropped from the top of a 100 m tree?
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Asatellite component is in the shape of a cube with 10cm edges, has an evenly distributed mass of 2 kg and one bolt hole at each of four corners. if the maximum predicted random vibration environment is 10 grms, what bolt size would be a good choice for restraint? what other factors might drive bolt size besides force/stress?
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480 kilograms horse runs across the field at a rate of 40 km/hr what is the magnitude of the force...

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