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If anyone cares to leave( he or she, they) may do so now.

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Vera is on her school's track and field team. in a practice long-jump competition against her teammates, she gets 5 points for landing over the farther line. she gets a total of 7 jumps and lands x times over the farther line and the rest of the times over the closer line. which of the following functions represents vera's total score? a. f(x)=10x b. f(x)=5x+35 c. f(x)=10x+5 d. f(x)=70-5x
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Of the 168 hours in a week as a full time student you should spend how many hours per week on school work?
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Carlo is wondering what causes plants to grow at different rates. carlo’s hypothesis is “plants will grow more when the day is longer.” what would be the difference between the test group and the control group in this experiment? type of soil type of plants exposure to sunlight method for measuring the growth
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If you are charged in a crash with injuries and are driving a motorcycle, you are for any bodily injuries and property damage to others. possibly responsible not responsible probably responsible financially responsible
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If anyone cares to leave( he or she, they) may do so now....

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