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Why have the aztec ruins in mexico city not been dug up?

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Which were accomplishments of jane addams? check all that apply. she established hull house. she founded the sierra club. she served on chicago’s board of education. she published a book of photographs showing the urban poor. she won the nobel peace prize in 1931.
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As a result of domestication of animals and farming, people that were once nomads were now able to a hunt and gather faster than before b live in a permanent settlement c live in small, hunting and gathering tribes d control fire
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Explain the events that led to the iranian revolution and the following iranian hostage crisis. how was the united states involved with iran? describe the arab-israeli conflicts of the 20th century. be sure to include specific military interventions, peace agreements, and the ultimate reason for conflict.
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Explain the correlation between industrialization and urban areas
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Why have the aztec ruins in mexico city not been dug up?...

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