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Chapter 1 what is the sociological perspective? why did durkheim say that some people are more likely to commit suicide? what does it mean that sociology us to see that “things are not as they seem"? what is the "sociological imagination"? how did industrialization and urbanization lead to the development of sociology? who is the "father" of sociology (and coined the term sociology)? what was the major goal of sociology’s pioneers like comte and durkheim? what did herbert spencer say? what did karl marx think caused social change? when did sociology become established as an academic discipline in the u. s.? what did w. e.b. dubois say was the major problem of the 20th century? what is the functionalist view of society? what is the main focus of the conflict perspective? why are gender and race important to the conflict perspective? what is the symbolic interactionist perspective? chapter 2 why is culture vital to human survival, and how is that different from animal instinct? what is the sapir-whorf hypothesis? what is a norm? what are mores and folkways? how does the u. s. compare to other nations in terms of how multicultural or culturally diverse it is? what is a subculture? what is a counterculture? what is cultural lag? can you give an example? what is the ethnocentrism vs. cultural relativism debate about?

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Brazil trades with the united states more than it does with any other country. industrially, the private sector has made brazil one of the most advanced countries in latin america, with massive investment taking place since 1996. still, over 1 million people live in state-owned housing and millions more are covered by government operated health care. these facts show that brazil has a a) mixed economy. b) market economy. c) command economy. d) traditional economy.
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Chapter 1 what is the sociological perspective? why did durkheim say that some people are more like...

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