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The graph shows the price of a good compared to the quantity demanded and the quantity supplied. on this graph, the bottom horizontal line represents an ineffective price floor set above equilibrium. an effective price floor set below equilibrium. an ineffective price ceiling set above equilibrium. an effective price ceiling set below equilibrium.

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Which pronoun has an unclear antecedent in the following sentences? the sixth-grade students liked volunteering their time to read to the elderly people in the hospital. it made them happy. a. their b. it c. them d. no unclear antecedents
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When something is moving, it is in motion. pressing the gas pedal in a car will put the car in motion. two important properties of motion are speed and direction. speed is how fast an object is moving. tony and tanya both run for the same amount of time, in the same direction. tanya runs much further than tony in that time. how does tony's speed compare to tanya's speed? a) their speed is equal. b) tony is slower than tanya. c) tony is faster than tanya. d) without a stopwatch, you can't say for certain.
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Which is a factor in the destruction of africa rainforest
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Which two characteristics belong to mahayana buddhism. a. followers worship and offer animal sacrifice at festivals b. a followers highest aim is to attain the status of a bodhisattva c. an emphasis is placed on fulfilling sensual pleasure d. this form of buddhism is the most acient for od buddhism that exists today e. followers belive that everyone is capable of attaining enlightenment
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The graph shows the price of a good compared to the quantity demanded and the quantity supplied. on...

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