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The idea that desirable traits can be bred into human beings and undesirable ones can be bred out is known as:

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In a conservation-of-liquid problem, young children ignore the dynamic transformation of the liquid when they: a)center on the height of the liquid and ignore the width. b) treat the initial and final stages of the water as unrelated events. c) become distracted by the perceptual appearance of objects. d)mentally reverse direction, returning to the starting point.
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You think all professors are uncoordinated, but then you see your social psychology professor make a diving catch down the left-field line at an intramural softball game against the arts department team. you also notice that your professor hits lead-off for the team and is able to score from second base on a ground-out. you maintain your original stereotype of professors as uncoordinated by deciding that this one individual is an exception to the rule because he is a “young professor.” this is an example of
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If you rub a balloon on a piece of fabric or carpeting and then hold it against your head, your hair can stand on end. use what you have learned in this lesson to explain why this happens.
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An individual who is experiencing a prolonged period of stress would likely have levels of circulating than an individual who was not experiencing stress.
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The idea that desirable traits can be bred into human beings and undesirable ones can be bred out is...

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