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Micheal jordan a profiles in failure whats number 4 ?

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What is the sum of |8|+(-3)+(-10) +{2}^{3}
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Why is it economically necessary for the east germans to build berlin wall
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Tracey is a financial planner who received his cfp designation. tracey does not have any other designations or licenses. although tracey's expertise is investment planning, he is anxious to expand his client base and is willing to assist clients with any area of financial planning. over the last month tracey engaged in the following activities with troy, a new client. a. during the initial meeting, tracey collected personal data about troy including the estate planning documents troy had previously executed. b. during the second meeting, tracey recommended the use of a trust to fulfill some of troy's estate planning goals. c. troy called tracey one afternoon and asked if tracey could explain the probate process to him, which tracey promptly did. d. tracey downloaded a copy of a generic will from the internet, filled in troy's information and gave the document to troy to be executed. of the activities above, which would be considered the unauthorized practice of law?
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The controlled use of fire by hominids: (a) limited the expansion of hominids into certain environments, such as dry grasslands. (b) decreased the amount of food energy available in the hominid diet. (c) contributed to geographical expansion and food production techniques in positive ways. (d) has been shown to contribute little to the digestive process of hominids.
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