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The legal system of the united states is a pure common-law tradition largely a common-law tradition with elements of the civil-law tradition an equity-based tradition largely a civil-law tradition with elements of the common-law tradition a pure civil-law tradition

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Why was charliemagne hesitant about being crounded holy roman emperor?
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In 2016, two-year-old lane graves was wading in the lagoon of an orlando walt disney world resort and watching a family outdoor movie, when an alligator snatched the boy and disappeared. the resort had signs which read "no swimming, deep drop off" posted along the beach area where lane was taken, and his parents were a few feet away when the incident occurred. several hours later, lane's body was discovered about 15 yards from where he was taken by the gator. a disney employee said this was not the first time an alligator had been spotted in the lagoon beach area. if the graves family files a lawsuit against the resort, what theory would best support their claim?
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Agroup of anthropologists from the future want to study the culture and society of the twenty-first century. they cannot find any written documentation of this time period, so they must conduct an archaeological excavation. identify the artifacts, features, and ecofacts they will find during their fieldwork. what will these items tell the anthropologists about our culture and society?
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You are a cfp and although you never went to law school, you consider yourself to be very good at reviewing wills. your client, catherine, asks you to prepare a will for her. should you prepare a will for catherine? a. yes, catherine is your best client and you might lose her if you do not prepare the will. b. yes, it is permissible for a cfp to prepare a legal document. c. no, preparing catherine's will would be considered the unauthorized practice of law. d. no, you should only prepare catherine's will if you are going to prepare her husband's will as well.
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The legal system of the united states is a pure common-law tradition largely a common-law tradition...

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