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The term whip in discussions of congress refers to

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Click on this article and use it to answer the questions below. article on china and controlling the media 1. according to the article, the chinese government has tried to control its people in all of the following ways except: question 1 options: create and spread propaganda in the mediacensorship of the mediaallowing people to create their own social mediadeleting people's social media posts without their permission
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Under a tyranny the power to make a political decision is in the hands of a
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Imagine a child who consistently gets mediocre grades and is often picked last for a team when games are played at recess. however, he likes to make silly jokes and play pranks, and he notices that people laugh when he does those things. the child starts to think that others are laughing with him, not at him. this is part of the process that charles cooley
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Which three regions were part of the indian ocean trade rout? a. east africa, middle east, and china b. china, east africa, and west africa c. mediterranean, west africa, and east africa d. east africa, mediterranean, and india
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The term whip in discussions of congress refers to...

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