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Members of the military may need to engage in behaviors, such as killing or wounding the enemy, that may go against personal moral standards such as "thou shalt not kill." to get people to adhere to group rather than individual standards, the military acts to increase soldiers' sense of when they are on the battlefield.

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The right of the people to express their political views is protected in our govemment in many ways, including
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Aplaintiff filed a civil action based on negligence against a defendant in federal district court, alleging that the defendant negligently ran a red light at an intersection and collided with the plaintiff's vehicle, causing the plaintiff's injuries. a week after the close of discovery, the plaintiff filed a motion for summary judgment on the issue of whether the defendant was negligent. with the motion, the plaintiff filed (i) his own sworn affidavit, which stated that the traffic signal was green as he entered the intersection, (ii) an affidavit of a witness who was driving the car behind him, which stated that the witness saw the entire incident and that the plaintiff's traffic signal was green as he approached and entered the intersection; and (iii) an affidavit of another witness, which stated that she saw the entire incident and that the defendant's signal had been red for several seconds before the defendant entered the intersection and was still red when the defendant entered the intersection. the defendant filed a response to the motion, noting that her answer denied negligence and further denied that her traffic signal was red, and argued that the issue of negligence and the issue of whether her traffic signal was red were in dispute, so those issues should be tried to a jury. how should the court rule on the plaintiff's motion?
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As societies modernize, what often happens to crime rates? a. they increase b. they decrease c. they remain the same d. they increase slightly and then fall rapidly
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Members of the military may need to engage in behaviors, such as killing or wounding the enemy, that...

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