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Positive reinforcement responding; negative reinforcement responding.

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Human rights cases competing visions of human rights answers?
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Astudent in an inclusive kindergarten setting demonstrates many challenging behaviors. peers are frequently targets of aggression, and are beginning to demonstrate fear reactions and avoidance. the teaching staff would like to explain to the peers about the child’s disability and do peer training to equip them with skills to interact more effectively with the student. the parents of the child want no information shared about the child’s behavior or disability. what can/should the teaching staff do
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To evaluate how well a study supports a frequency claim, you need to focus on evaluating which of the following validities? a) construct and externalb) external and representativec) statistical and internald) internal and external
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This is the mountain range known as the alps. which of these statements regarding the alps is true? a) the alps are the largest mountain range in asia. b) the alps protect the roman empire from invasion. c) the alps were key in preventing england from being conquered in warfare. d) the alps prevented the roman empire from taking control of most of europe.
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Positive reinforcement responding; negative reinforcement responding....

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